So, while no one was paying attention, one of the former Spice Girls (Mel B) decided to have a reality show. I guess this isn’t even the first season. (Edit, no, it is!) I watch TV like it’s my LIFE (because it is), and I didn’t even know about it. That’s how popular this show is.

The conversation prior to landing season one probably went like this:

Mel B: I want to have a reality TV show!

Network: But…no one knows who you are anymore. You were famous in the 90’s.

Mel B: But everyone has a reality show!

Network: People we can exploit for 15 minutes of fame, or becuase they’re related to someone famous, yes. Do you see a reality show about Natalie Imbruglia? No, you do not.

Mel B: Her and I could host a singing competition!

Network: Nick Lachey is already doing that.

Mel B: I’ll do anything. I’ll use the wonders of my British accent to be charming and goofy. I’ll use my old nickname of Scary Spice and talk about sex! My kids will rock crazy hair, and we’ll go to exotic places like Las Vegas. I can be relevant, dammit!

Network: Fine. But you know this is just the Style Network, right?

Mel B: I still get paid, yea? It’s this, or I try to join The Pussycat Dolls…

The reality TV series is called Mel B: It’s a Scary World.

Check out the trailer if you’re so inclined. You’ll see Ludacris talking to Mel B.