Lucy Liu is starring in a new Lifetime movie that spans two nights and four hours. Marry Me is the name of this two part mini movie series that will air on December 12th and December 13th (9:00 PM-11:00 PM ET.) In the movie, Liu plays a woman with three potential groom’s for her wedding. And here I thought finding the dress was the hard part.

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The Official Marry Me Website has tons of goodies like features about Royal Weddings, a Wedding Dress Up Game, Secret Celebrity Weddings, a Bridal Makeover feature and a Lucy Liu photo gallery.

In the movie, Liu has three potential men that want to marry her, but it’s anyone’s guess which frog she’ll kiss.

Marry Me is a charming Lifetime movie that, with the involvement of Barbara Hall and Lucy Liu, manages to surpass expectations of what people think all Lifetime movies are. Instead of being sappy and predictable, it’s heart-warming at the time of year when we need it most. Sweet, fun, and romantic, this mini series will give you a smile.

I had the chance to view this mini series in advance, and I really did enjoy it. Things I liked included:

  • The clever dialogue, a hallmark of work by Barbara Hall.
  • It’s fun and girly but not dumb and completely shallow.
  • Luke’s daughter from Gilmore Girls, Vanessa Marano, is in Marry Me! And she has a bond with a character named Luke. And the character mentions GG!
  • Lucy’s character wears brightly colored glasses at work, and they’re very chic.
  • A male lead (the character Luke) who isn’t just attractive with a good job, but quick-witted.
  • Annie Potts! Lucy Liu! Yes, I love them.
  • A look inside a traditional Southern family.
  • “You use tears like a weapon.”
  • Kudo’s on Rae’s cool wardrobe and house decor. It is definietly an extension of her personality.
  • “She always had bitch potential.”
  • “She’s gonna cook somebody’s rabbit.”
  • I ended up torn between liking two of the three guys, when I’d assumed I might only like one, and the others would be too obviously “wrong.”
  • Danielle Nicolet plays the best friend, and I really liked her.

Marry Me pictures and the Marry Me trailer are after the jump!

Marry Me Synopsis: This modern fairy tale Christmas story starts off with a love triangle where two male best friends fall in love with the same girl. Her ex-boyfriend also returns and complicates things even more, and the twists and turns that ensue will surprise and delight, culminating in a romantic wedding. But who will the groom be?

Liu stars as Rae Ann Carter, a single aspiring artist-turned-social worker who always wanted a fairytale romance – to fall madly in love and live happily ever after. But when her two-year relationship falls apart, Rae unexpectedly falls for a new man, Luke (Pasquale), who asks her to marry her after a few short dates. Just as everything seems to fall into place for Rae, her ex-boyfriend Adam (Cannavale) suddenly re-emerges into her life with a proposal of his own. Things get even further complicated when a third man (Murciano), smitten by Rae, enters the picture and asks for her hand in marriage, as well. With three men after her heart, who will be Rae’s Prince Charming?

Five-time Emmy(R) Award nominee Barbara Hall (Judging Amy, Joan of Arcadia), who wrote the teleplay, executive produces the four-hour romantic comedy with Susanne Daniels (The Lone Ranger, Hidden Hills). James Hayman (Ugly Betty) directed and co-executive produced the miniseries. Marry Me is produced by Sony Pictures Television for Lifetime.