Love in the Wild is an NBC reality TV show that seems to have merged The Bachelor and Survivor.As you might expect, there are a few quoteable gems from the series. Below, we detail 7 of the wackiest quotes we overheard.

7. “Sitting in bed with you…I wanted to put that moment in a bottle and carry it around with me for the rest of my life.” (It’s so cheesy that it’s creepy.)

6. “I’ll get better at back scratching, I promise.”

5. “You don’t want a part time good person. You want a 100% good person.” (But if they’re on a reality TV show, they’re probably at least 40% crazy…)

4. “I want you to take one of those oranges over there and bite into it.” (Fruit fetish?)

3. “If you wanna be in, you gotta be initiated.”

2. “That thing is super juicy.” (This was said about a flower. Seriously.)

1. “I’m very sorry none of you found love, in the wild.” (You have to realize how seriously this line is said. Just…wow.)

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