Love in the Wild (NBC) features ten single men and ten single women, all looking for that one elusive thing: love. Oh, and they’re in the jungle. The show has a premiere date of Wednesday, June 1st.

Hosted by Darren McMullen (who?) the show sets itself in a Costa Rican jungle. These contestants are done with speed, blind, and Internet dating. It’s time for some tough reality…and we all know that near-death experiences can really bond a couple. So, watch as they swim with crocodiles, climb through caves, and fall down waterfalls.

“After each adventure, the winning couple will share a night together at the “Oasis,” a lavish, five-star bungalow overflowing with everything they could possibly desire for an intimate night of romance. Then, during an elimination unlike anything seen before, all of the couples will come together to reveal whether a connection has been formed with their current partner – or if they would like to switch and get to know someone else. At the end of every episode, two heartbroken singles will be sent home.

The series will culminate with just one couple left standing, who will have completed the adventure of a lifetime and found the one thing they’ve been searching for: Love in the Wild.” (

No word yet on who the couples will all be, but they’re likely pretty desperate.