Love Bites is lacking the ironic bite it needs to become a fan favorite. Despite the fact that the episode was titled “TMI” – and focused on three main stories where too much information was shared – I found all of the “scandalous” info painfully boring rather than ballsy. You have a thing for uniforms, a guy can’t stop talking about his ex-wife, and a girl might have an STD? Yawn. Well, let’s dig deeper because it wasn’t all bad.


While I’m hard-pressed to immediately name some unique fetishes that could have replaced these: uniforms and feet seemed pretty tame to be the examples of crazy fetishism in this episode. Even a fifth grader could name those two examples! I mean, I hope that a fifth grader couldn’t because that’s a wee bit too young… but you know what I mean. They’re so predictable, it was hard to connect with the feeling of “OMG, you discovered my secret!” that the viewer was supposed to feel. I know that Love Bites airs on NBC primetime, but try to be a little bit more original, please?

Becky’s Situation

Apparently, no matter what America does, even the most level-headed of teenagers are wildly ill-informed about STDS. Good to know that all of those requite health classes are still doing nothing more than talking about the importance of daily nutrition.

I thought that Alfred the dummy was very cute, and a rare shining moment for the episode of expected moments. (I mean, crashing a car into a mailbox? C’mon.)

Something that was very nice is how the end of this vignette wrapped up, by the economical phrasing of saying that a topic had come up “organically.” Rather than have Judd fumble with his words to stop the Mom from going beserk, she was able to understand in an instant what was going on. It was so good it was almost like a code. Maybe I’m a nerd for words, but I thought it was just…damn eloquent. Yup!

Creepy Dad

There may be few things worse than being called “creepy.” It’s a very insulting insult, as it doesn’t seem to specify any real complaint other than a general vibe of ick.

I spent a long time trying to figure out who the Dad was, only to realize it is the actor from Better Off Ted (a show I mourn!) What is it about him that makes people want to cast him as a single Dad with a young daughter?

The thing here is that there was one actual creepy thing that the Dad did, but was never addressed. When he was doing the pick-up parking line for the kids and was talking about mature topics on the walkie talkie…that was a little creepy. Hello, people can hear you. Compared to that, phallic cookies are really no big deal.

So, those are my thoughts. What did you think of this episode of Love Bites?

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