Why did Louise Watts really decide to leave ANTM: British Invasion so soon?

When the going got tough, Louise Watts packed her bags! During the elimination on America’s Next Top Model cycle 18 episode 3, Louise Watts had a photo that was pretty good. (Her one leg looked larger than it was, but no one pointed that out.) When Tyra Banks said Louise looked mean in her photo, Kelly Cutrone pointed out that Louise was quite rude on the set. In fact, Cutrone suggested Louise put some, “gratitude in your attitude.” But Louise wasn’t having that.

Watts said that Cutrone was the one who was rude. But Trya Banks and guest judge Cat Deely both tried to reason with her about the industry. You have to take your criticism with a bit of charm, they said. But Louise wouldn’t look anyone in the eye as she shifted about and then ran away. Outside on the street she screamed and she cried.

And then she decided to leave the competition. Making this one of the craziest outburst to ever happen on America’s Next Top Model (which is saying a lot!)

We’re interested in hearing the theories you have about why she left. She’d already gone through one cycle on British Next Top Model. Was she simply homesick? Was hearing criticism from all of the judges just too much for her?