Emmy Award-winning comedian Louis C.K. has a new show coming to FX, appropriately titled Louie. This comedy has a similar format to Seinfeld, with emphasis revolving between C.K. doing his stand up, and then flashes that go to his everyday life. And, for the life of an over 40 divorced Dad – I guess what’s surprising is how much I enjoyed it while still being one of those anonymous-sounding, single 20-something’s with no kids.

I’m not someone who follows many comics, so at first glance  I figured this show simply wouldn’t be my thing. Not that I wouldn’t like it on its own merits, just that I wouldn’t dig it personally. Having now watched the Louie pilot and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th episodes,  it’s time to admit that there is very much a digging vibe going on over here.  I’m pretty much in China now. Which is cool, because they have parades with dragons. (Or is that Japan? I AM SO UNCULTURED.)

Louis C.K. is an insightful comic who says the sort of things that are funny because they’re true, even if they’re also awkward, uncomfortable or obscene.  In the pilot of Louie you’ll hear C.K’s take on the best case scenario for love (he is not an optimist), why milk needs a new press agent, and why getting a new puppy is the saddest thing you can do to yourself (“Countdown to sorrow with a puppy!” is my favorite line.)

After the pilot episode covers kids and dating, the second episode “Poker/Divorce” shows us the inner circle of C.K’s friends.  You must watch this episode to hear about the only reason most people don’t have sex with animals. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with morals.

Louis C.K. in Louie / FX

The third episode “Dr. Ben/Nick” has Ricky Gervais guest starring as the most full-of-bullshit Doctor you could ever hope to not meet. This episode deals with body image (having  the body you want is easier than you thought!)  and health. Nick Dipaulo also guest stars.

This brings us to the fourth episode  (we’ve come so far together!) “So Old/Playdate.” Sex is up for discussion, which has C.K. talking about why animals think we don’t know how to actually  have sex.  The actress who is in the playdate section was amazing. Please, sometime cast her full-time on a show, stat. (I would have sworn it was Constance Zimmer from Joan of Arcadia…except that IMDB never lies!)

Actually, one of the great things about Louie is the ability to have so, so, so many different people on the show – whether they’re celebrity guest stars, up-and-comers who have been around a long kiwigambling.co.nz time but no one paid attention, or just amazing extra’s. The pilot episode had this fantastic woman as the schoolteacher, and in what I believe was the third episode, there was an extra playing a nurse who looked like Salma Hayek. Little gems. Everywhere. Love those little gems.

Louis C.K. takes uncomfortable realities and makes us laugh ’bout ’em. Which is a whole hell of a lot more fun than wading knee-deep  in misery and crying. Just sayin’.

We will be chatting with Louis C.K. this Thursday 6/24, so let us know if you have questions you’re dying for us to ask him.

Louie FX promo x 5:

Louie will premiere on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010. Louie will air on FX on Tuesdays at 11pm.

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