lost sun picture

A review of thoughts on Lost “The Package”:

  • Is Widmore right that if the MIB leaves the island, the world ceases to exist? If so, uh oh spaghettio’s! Once again I will say, the island is the Hellmouth and if you let it open then hell is unleashed! I just hope Jack can find Buffy in time.
  • Sun lost the ability to speak English after a bump on the head. Or did the MIB do something to make that happen? I feel like it’s more than just aphasia.
  • In the flash sideways neither Sun or Jin could speak English. But I could swear that maybe Jin DID at least understand some. Why do I think this? Because when he was told the reason for the money was to kill Jin for being with Sun, something in his face changed. I saw RECOGNITION. That COULD also be because he recognized Mr. Paik’s name…but I don’t buy it.
  • I felt like Sun was being wasteful of paper. If that’s her only way to communicate, she needs to ration! And write really small. In pencil. Or learn to mime better.
  • The MIB implied that Claire could kill or hurt (but obviously she wants to KILL) Kate once Kate has convinced some of the other “people written on the wall” to get on the plane. If Claire tries to kill Kate, doesn’t she know someone will try to kill her? Then again, if the MIB gets off the island and everyone is doomed, I supposed they’ll all dead anyway. Isn’t that pleasant?
  • Also, the MIB says that Kate isn’t on the wall. She wasn’t. But she WAS on the lighthouse dial, and not crossed out. Do you think something is going on where the MIB thought that Kate should be crossed out, but Jacob didn’t think so? Or was Jacob killed before he could cross her out? What do you think would have led them to cross out Kate? I know everyone hates Kate, but I think she’s no more annoying than anyone else.
  • If darts were shot at the MIB’s camp, why did they also need gas masks? Don’t darts usually inject into your blood stream? What’s interesting is that Locke first woke up Sayid. It seems Sayid is someone he’s trusting. Which isn’t good for Sayid.
  • Desmond was “the package” …hm. While he was drugged, he wasn’t in handcuffs, and they called him “Mr. Hume”. That’s kind of  proper/official/respectful. What do you suppose THAT is all about?
  • Sayid bobbing his face out of the water reminded me of Flounder in The Little Mermaid.