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So, I waited a day and maybe you were wondering if I was going to review this week’s episode of Lost? I have been getting a little Glee-heavy (ergo the Madonna reference) the past few days. But I still want to give attention to one of the best episodes of Lost we’ve had this season. The episode “The Last Recruit” was full of an energizing sense of momentum that made me think the last five minutes (which are always the most exciting) were happening even at the 15 and 20 minute marks. The flash sideways wasn’t boring, because it brought our characters together. And in our Lost reality, the characters were also colliding. It was an orgy of characters!

"I am Madonna and I think the people on Lost should be sexier. And British."

"I am Madonna and I think the people on Lost should be sexier. And British."

Sun found her voice again when she was reunited with Jin, which felt kind of hokey. I thought there would be more to that entire voice loss aspect than “See what the power of loooove can do”. It was kind of nerve-wracking to see Sun and Jin running towards each other when you weren’t sure if the pylons were turned off. I half expected them both to die because Lord knows Lost likes shocking deaths (but they can’t commit to them like Joss Whedon deaths!). What was more interested was gunshot!Sun in the flash sideways, who recognized Locke for being evil. Also in the flash sideways we saw that Kate and Sawyer can flirt anywhere, and Kate is conveniently a little bit psychic (how did she just know why Sawyer didn’t do anything when he saw her?). Also conveniently, Desmond found Claire and decided to help her attain legal services free of charge. Even more conveniently, the law firm was looking for Claire so they could give her money and reunite her with the brother who didn’t know she was alive – Jack! And he had to rush off to go save Locke’s life. So, everyone was pretty busy.

In our Lost reality, Jack and Claire met up, and addressed the fact that they were related. For all the things they could have said, they mostly just shrugged. I think they need more electrolytes in their diet.

I mean, hell – the promise of cans of food in a boat made everyone flee to get some grub. Which conveniently left Sawyer, Kate and Jack alone. Sawyer talked to Jack, and Jack did a really badass jump off the boat, to Kate’s alarm. In another episode, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Sun, Hurley and “chesty” Lapidus (but not Claire) were all on a helicopter trying to leave the island and Sawyer jumped off. So really, it was just Jack’s turn. Still, where was the “You jump, I jump, Jack” from Kate? She is wasting perfectly good moments to quote pop culture.

So, what WOULD Madonna think? I think she would tell us to watch that really bad movie where she’s trapped on an island and does a dance to that song about Candy.

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