Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

So, in Lost “The Candidate” we had several deaths. Some are people we didn’t know, but we’re not heartless not to care – they were the “bad guys”. The two most important deaths were of Sun and Jin. We also said goodbye to Sayid who saved his friends lives, and (I am pretty sure) to Lapidus – who maybe just can’t swim fast enough.


Sayid: Sayid was evil. And then in this episode seemed to totally turn around and be helpful. Moments before he decided to sacrifice his life for his friends, he gave Jack important, mysterious knowledge. Well, that was handy. But was that at all earned? It wasn’t too long ago that Sayid almost let Claire kill Kate. Explanations, please!

Sawyer’s Confidence: Having Sawyer be wrong and Jack be right really is only going to make Jack’s ego larger. I wish there could be more times when Jack WAS wrong. The problem is that when Jack is always right, most characters don’t stand a chance of doing anything but being wrong. Especially if they’re his foil, Sawyer.

Sun and Jin: The Sun and Jin death scene was sad. But it was ruined for me because at one point I thought Jin had already decided he’d stay with Sun and die with her. But it was after that, that they started arguing about it. My biggest qualm is that, as much as you want to stay with your wife, you have a kid who needs at least one parent. I have known couples who care so much for their children that they never are both on the same plane, just in case of a crash. Jin not leaving was selfish. Yes, his life would have been full of pain. But think about their daughter! What about her life of pain and mysteries? In Lost: the sequel – it’d focus on their daughter and Aaron, all going to the island to discover what happened to their parents. It’s a vicious cycle, people! Jin choosing to stay with Sun was sweet, but such a horrible choice. Save yourself, Jin, go help fight – don’t just give up! Alas, it’s too late.

Although, at least the deaths say something about how this is the last season and there are no holds barred. If anything, maybe we should stop our bellyaching and realize that these are probably just the first of several more deaths to occur. Certainly they wouldn’t not kill anyone in the finale, you know? The story is what’s important, and the story would be worth nothing if there wasn’t so much to lose – and had we not already lost so many. Death has been a BIG theme of the island – what with their graveyard, and all. The first time I watched Lost and saw that they killed Boone I was livid, but I’ve since come to realize that this show likes to kill off characters. And you can’t stop them. Especially in their final days of getting to puppet their characters around.

EDIT: Upon further pondering…I guess I am pretty sad about this. These characters were with us from the very beginning. SIGH.

Lapidus: Oh, Lapidus, If you are dead, I’m sorry. I never really liked how they made you such a big part of this past season, because you look so funny and your name means “Rabbit”.

Widemore lackies: You knew what you were getting into.