LOST - "Recon" - Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission, on "Lost," TUESDAY, MARCH 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.  (ABC/MARIO PEREZ) JOSH HOLLOWAY

LOST - "Recon" - Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission, on "Lost," TUESDAY, MARCH 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO PEREZ) JOSH HOLLOWAY

We got a big dose of Sawyer in the LOST episode “Recon”. While the Sawyer we already know and love (or hate, depending on who you are and how heartless you may be) on the island went on a spy mission for Locke, the alternate universe (AU) Sawyer was busy as a cop. Both versions of Sawyer have similarities, as you’d expect. But what are those similarities? In both stories he looked like maybe he was being conned, but got the upper hand in the end. In both stories he felt remorse about a girl and reached out to her. In both stories his loyalty to those whom he truly cared about was evident (Miles/his partner or people like Kate and Sayid). In both stories, he was keeping secrets.In both stories he swore allegiance to someone or something (The Police Force) but had his own agenda. In both stories he was a wounded, uber hot guy.

Also in this episode we saw Claire try to kill Kate. Sayid sat by and did nothing to stop it. Right before that, Sayid did say he was not feeling right. But the fact that Kate never said anything to him along the lines of “WTF, dude, that she-bitch with the bad wig was trying to slit my throat!” makes me curious. Are we just going to let Sayid dwell and float off into crazy land? Later on, we saw Claire cry and come to Kate for a hug. Because we’ve been told that something dark is inside Claire, I can’t believe she’s actually forgiven Kate. And it’s sad that Claire probably can’t be saved.

Great moments of “Recon”

  • Sawyer holding a giant Sunflower. That is just so him. Not that he’s sunny, but that’s the flower he’d pick for a girl over a bouquet of roses.
  • When Sawyer found the cages he shared with Kate, and her dress, it made me ache with regret and nostalgia.
  • Now that we know that Sawyer is a cop, and he still let a handcuffed Kate get away from the cops at the airport, I feel like he might let her escape again. Or at least he’ll take a special interest in her when she’s at the jail.
  • I love Sawyer/Kate aka Skate. Is that obvious yet? The fireside chat was amazing. I love how he singled her out as someone he’s taking off the island with him. Part of me wonders if that’s really all who he plans on taking. Although, no – I’m pretty sure he’d take Jin, Sun, and Miles. Hurley, too.
  • Did you see Charlie’s brother in the alternate universe? Liam Pace was asking about his brother and his drug charges. Man, I miss Charlie.
  • James Ford aka Sawyer in the AU used LeFleur as his safety word! Why does Sawyer like the French word for “flower” so much?
  • Miles as James’ partner was perfect, because Miles is as close to a friend as Sawyer ever seemed to have had on the island.
  • The clock on was nightstand is 8:42 (the nuuuumbers!)

If you missed “Recon” watch it online at ABC.