lost season 6

Seven Mysteries that are still plaguing us even after the episode “Across the Sea”.

The Mystery of The Others: I really wish Lost would flesh out the weirdness behind these guys. Who ARE they? They kidnapped kids, they live in temples, and in season 2 they were pretty scary when we just saw their feet. How did they get there?

The Mystery of Pregnant Women Dying: They’ve made a big deal about women not being able to get pregnant and stay pregnant on the island. It can’t just be because of time-travel, can it? People have said it could deal with the bomb that went off, what do you think?

The Mystery of Ben vs. Widmore: Why did they both fight over the island so much in the past (to what end?), and how did they meet? I want to know more of their history!

The Mystery of Walt the psychic kid: He may not be on the show anymore, but such a big deal was made about Walt – I really want to know what the point of all that was! Does the island help people tap into powers?

The Mystery of Claire’s Psychic: I suppose this may have been answered, but not entirely successfully. When the psychic told Claire that it was very important that no one else raise her baby – is that just because that meant that she’d be stuck on the island?

The Mystery of Desmond’s Vision about Claire: Desmond assured Charlie that he saw Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the island, if Charlie did what he then did in The Looking Glass station, ultimately drowning. But so far, Claire has not left.And the vision was specific to seeing Claire and Aaron get on the helicopter and leaving, but Aaron isn’t  on the island anymore. Is this sloppy writing? Desmond said he saw: “Claire and her baby getting into a helicopter; a helicopter that lifts off, leaves the island.”

SOLVED – The Mystery of Adam and Eve: They were the pair of skeletons that were found in a cave with a bag that contained one black stone and one white stone. Who do you think they are? I hope we find out.

They Mystery of the Smokey Security System: What happens to keep the MIB out of places using those tall things? Can you tell I can’t remember the term for them? The thingys? The…sonar fence!


– The Faked Oceanic Plane (was that Widmore – why?)

– The sickness Rosseau’s crew had. The same as Sayid? What causes it?

– How did Jacob pick his list of people?

– The origin of Jacob and the MIB? (SOLVED)

– Who built the four-toed statue?

– When Jack discovered his father’s coffin, it was empty. Uh, who took Christian Shepard? (“White Rabbit”)

– The rules of the island. Widmore and Ben had rules, and Jacob and the  MIB have rules (the MIB couldn’t kill Jacob and Ben admits he can’t kill Widmore in “The Shape of Things to Come”). Who made these rules?

– Why does the island heal people? Is that because of time travel?

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