lost season 6

The Losty Losties! PH: ABC

Jack had an important episode on Lost this week, titled “The Lighthouse”. If you missed it – watch Lost online free.

If you want a refresher course on Jack Shepard (I’ve been itchin’ to watch season 1 again!), there are three episodes to really pay attention to since they were also referenced in “The Lighthouse” in some way.

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues from Season 1: The most watched episode of Season 1, where Jack turns in his father for drinking on the job.

Through The Looking Glass the 3rd Season Finale – Remember Jack’s famous line “We have to go back. We have to go back”?

Something Nice Back Home from Season 4 – We all finally get to see Jack and Kate playing house and when Juliet gives Jack an appendectomy on the island.