With so much Lost action going on tonight, you need a gameplan! I have the finale times mapped out for you, for maximum Lost enjoyment.

lost finale season

Will you be tuning in for the 120 minute series retrospective that starts at 7:00 pm  tonight? The focus will be on recapping the final season, which could be helpful to many people who stopped watching and now just want to reap the benefits of the finale (SUCKAS). This special will include behind-the-scenes snippets of the 2004 Lost pilot. Of course, there will also be some interviews with cast members (past and present). It’s long, at 120 minutes, but it’s the last 120 minutes we have before we see the Lost finale!

Remember when Lost was maybe about Dinosaurs?

At 9:00 pm, the Lost finale starts. The episode is appropriately called “The End”. It ends at 11:30 p.m. I would pretty safely say that people are watching the Lost finale live, or just waiting five minutes for their DVR to start before they begin watching (cheaters). This means that the numbers will be up, and I bet the commercials that paid to be in this time slot will get a lot of viewers. I’d say this would be the most normal approximation of how many people actually watch Lost without downloading it and watching later, but the fact that it’s a series finale means people who haven’t watched since season two will be tuning in out of curiosity.

Jimmy Fallon has figured out ‘Lost’

At 11:30 pm EST, Jimmy Kimmel Live will take over, and Kimmel will start screaming into a microphone at levels only a dog can hear.

To stay clear of Lost spoilers (if you are a spoiler-phobe) don’t be online, don’t go on twitter, and don’t read your text messages. If you’re on the EST you have the biggest advantage to watch without any spoilers. Watch the episode as soon as you can, no matter where you are. Then come back here and report your thoughts. I’m sure I’ll be in a catatonic state.

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