Didn’t you love this song? It’s such a great anthem for a girl.


Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen) sang this song on Nashville tonight. Please help us correct any lyrics we have mixed up!

Looking for a Place to Shine Lyrics

I jumped in
looking to make a wave
I was working with what the good lord gave
Well baby here I go
You”l be praying for land while I’m rocking the boat
I’ve been waiting for the rhythm to change
Now that time has come

You can turn up toe flame
Turn on that sun
Like fireworks shooting into the sky
I wanna color the dark with the light
Like a diamond
Sitting on a ring
I’m just a girl that wants to be seen
Every time
I’m looking for a place to shine
So take ten
if I’m a little too much to take
You’re gonna let a good thing go to waste
It’s better …
If you sit on the side
Now I’m thinking of busting through
the door
Leaving everybody begging for more
You know it’s true
A girl like me has nothing to loose