Listen, we always thought Lo Bosworth was one of the most stable people on The Hills, but that doesn’t count for much if you take a look at the rest of the cast. Even though the series has all but publicly written out a formal “yes, it was fake” notice, Lo has gone to her blog to deny all of those rumors.

Yup. And this comes after Brody Jenner talked about shooting multiple scenes and endings for The Hills. He said of the show, “I would say it’s entertainment and just enjoy it; don’t question it too much. There were a lot of moments that were real and a lot of moments that were not so real.”

Coincidentally, her controversial statements on her blog have come out with the blog just starting up and her book release promotion (seriously, wasn’t Lauren Conrad’s book enough of the insider look of this show?) But how else is the girl supposed to pay for her Louboutin‘s?

Lo wrote on her blog:

TWIST! Tuesday night, viewers said in disappointed shock, “OMG was ‘The Hills’ really fake all this time?” I mean, that’s what you guys have been saying forever, right? Ha ha. Don’t worry. It wasn’t fake. I have never shot any ‘Hills’ scenes on a stage of any kind.

Of course not.  Why bother when you can go to real establishments and not pay for a set?

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Rest assured, we were simply poking fun in the way that our viewers have done since the show began to air. Our show’s undeniable production value sometimes made the validity of it all questionable, but in truth (and this really is the truth), the relationships with those on the show are real.

Do you trust Lo’s “rest assured” statements over Brody, Kristin’s, and Laurens assurance that quite a bit of the series was fake?

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Lauren, Kristin, and I have known each other since we were all under 5ft tall. No conspiracy there. As for the others-we met them all when moving to L.A. Sure, some relationships were pushed by producers, but once pushed, blossomed into real life friendship (or hatred, take your pick).

No one has accused those three girls of not knowing each other growing up. That’s one fact that holds up. But would they all have stayed in touch for so long without incentive?

So, lovely reader and watcher of ‘The Hills’-it was just a big joke’s on you, without it really, truly being one. Just messin’ with you guys a little. In the end, we’re all in the same boat, right?

Sure, in the sense that everyone on that show got paid to walk around in free designer clothing and become insta-famous if they could throw a good hissy fit. We really are in the same boat. Our boat is a sinking raft – what’s yours? Oh, a yacht. Good. Good for you.