It can’t come as a surprise that I’m eager to talk about jewelry, right?

real housewives of beverly hills 2015

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 5 from 2015. Photo from Wikipedia Commons, and the official Bravo website.

On the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw a party/benefit/shin-dig happen without a massive fight occur in the midst of it. Which is, SHOCKING, you know? But the new women who come on board have standards, and it’s nice when they make it clear that they’re not to be messed with. Or maybe it’s because there were enough other people at the party (like Denise Richards*) that no one decided to pitch a public fight. Plus, it was a daytime deal, and it was to benefit a good cause. It was a perfect storm of reasons for it go on without a major problem. (Especially when hostess, Lisa Rinna, was there to make sure that not even a lampshade was out of place.)

*I’ve never been a fan of Denise Richards, but damn, it must be hard that you can’t go anywhere (even all these years later) without the first thing said to you is, “Weren’t you married to Charlie Sheen?” Do women like to be reminded of their ex-husbands? No? Didn’t think so. In the case of this party, Lisa decided to be witty by asking Denise that, just so she could make mention of the fact that someone stole her car along with Charlie’s, and drove them both off of a cliff. What a hilarious anecdote, Lisa. So glad you brought that up. You have a house full of swans and sex swings, so I don’t feel bad for you that one of your dozens of cars was stolen. I also kinda hope your swans chase you sometime. (I used to like Lisa, but …not anymore. Even if I don’t like Brandi, I think she and Brandi helped reveal some true colors of our Lady Pump during the previous season.)

Anyway! Rinna hosted this trunk show at her house. It was Stella & Dot jewelry, all to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation for breast cancer awareness and research.

Stella & Dot jewelry Lisa Rinna has worn:

  • Aria Pendant necklace (I have also seen Brandi Glanville wear this necklace. Gasp!)
  • On the Mark necklace
  • Pave Chevron necklace

Stella & Dot jewelry Kyle Richards bought at the party:

  • Rebel necklace (rose gold)
  • Sahara Pendant necklace (she tried this on, not sure if she purchased it)

Noreen Fraser was at the event, and I must say that she looked so beautiful and was dressed so effortlessly and …well, you know how a woman who wears a shawl or a scarf can sometimes seem very zen? It was like that. You can find out more about her on the Noreen Fraser website.

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