Lindzi was excited to greet Ben in Switzerland. “Bring on this romantic date,” she said. And it was an adrenaline date, yet again. Even though Ben knows that Lindzi is terrified of heights, he didn’t seem to care about scaring his future bride half to death. It was time to repel. And even Ben thought it looked “intense.” It was only 300 feet down the perilously rocky ledge, sissy!

lindzi the bachelor 2012Once again Ben invoked the “it’ll be a bonding experience” line. I was really hoping she’d chicken out and push him off the ledge. But she went for it. And it was only by going down 300 feet that Ben could realize he loved Lindzi.

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They got in a hot tub, and Lindzi referred to her former self as an ice queen. “It’s funny to see the process of being so vulnerable now,” she said.

You know, with her tan skin, bohemian attitude and her voice…she kind of reminds me of Cameron Diaz. Who else can see that?

Later, the pair had an elegant dinner. When presented with the couples card, she accepted.

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