Who will win in this battle of Lindsay Lohan vs Oprah. Place your bets now!

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Lindsay cleans up. Photo: The OWN Network

Lindsay vs Oprah

Lindsay, while filming her documentary on OWN, has been letting people down left and right! Girl, you gotta get it together! And while she’s letting down tons of people who are trying to film, and even her assistants….she’s also letting down Oprah. She’s lying to her all the time.

“You know this. You make an agreement, keep your commitments.” – Oprah

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And if you can’t keep your promises to Oprah, who can you possibly keep promises to?!

“I can’t be there for you if I can’t trust you.” – Oprah

Comment to let us know if you think Oprah will be let down in the end. And especially comment if you think Oprah is already being too lenient on Ms. Lohan….because I definitely do!