The dance-off between innocence and vulgarity became tangible as Lindsay Arnold and Cole Horibe took the stage to perform a routine by Mandy Moore.

Lindsay Arnold and Cole Horibe danced some contemporary on So You Think You Can Dance season 9 top 16.

The dance was about the relationship of love and hate. Cole represented a dark spirit, and Lindsay represented a light one. Behind them, their shadows were illuminated on a blank canvas. The dance sometimes looked almost violent as there was such a dramatic difference between Lindsay and Cole in their movements. It was beautiful to watch.

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

Music: “Wild Horses” by Charlotte Martin

Judging on SYTYCD Season 9:

Christina Applegate – “Cole, you’re an enigma.” She called it beautiful to watch.

Mary Murphy – “You have all the magic in the world.” ( to Lindsay) “What I wanna do is what you cannot do!” (to Cole) She said she can’t wait to see what he does next.

Nigel Lythgoe – He praised Mandy Moore and also the lightning. He said Lindsay had her spirit in the right place today. “Absolutely fantastic.” He said no one anticipated a ballroom dancer to do so many great moves in contemporary dance. He said Cole he places every move brilliantly. “There is no way you’re boring, young man, you’re a genius.”

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