the front lifetime

Don’t forget that the second part of At Risk airs this Saturday. It’s titled The Front, and don’t you want to know how what happens next? If you have a bad memory, that’s okay – I can remind you that the cast includes the incredibly steamy Daniel Sunjata (how could Anne Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada turn him down?!), as well as Andie MacDowell, Diahann Carroll, Annabeth Gish, and Ashley Williams.

If you don’t just like to watch for the eye candy, but want to know the plot:

Based on the second book of Patricia Cornwell’s best-selling Win Garano series, The Front brings back high-powered and sexy Boston District Attorney Monique Lamont and her favorite ace detective, Win Garano, in a fast-paced mystery. Determined to generate much-needed publicity as her career in politics begins to lose its shine, Monique orders Win to re-open an investigation into an unsolved homicide that took place in one of Boston’s small outlying communities served by “The Front,” a coalition of small, local police departments that have banded together to fight crime.

Patricia Cornwell’s THE FRONT, will air THIS SATURDAY, April 17th at 9PM ET/PT on Lifetime!

P.S. I hate guns and think the NRA should be disbanded. The title is just me being jokey.

Edit: I changed the title because I’m not sure I can joke about guns without Sarah Palin coming to hunt me down. And she is really, really scary.