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On tonight’s episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED “Crisis Unaverted” there was a serious issue that made me pretty miffed. Newly single, Cate (literally just having been dumped) is begged by Lux to adopt Lux’s friend, Tasha. Cate feels remorse, but has to say “no” as any realistic adult would do. Cate knows herself well enough to know that it’s difficult enough handling just one new child, and now she’s lost her partner and will be having emotional instability. More than that, Cate doesn’t know Tasha at all. If Lux had brought Tasha by a ton, and Cate and Tasha had bonded in any way, I could have related to this. But Cate knows it’s not good for Tasha to just blindly adopt her. It might not feel good at the time, but it’s better in the long run. And of course, as you heard the social worker tell Baze, single parents with no blood connection can’t just up and adopt someone they don’t know.

Lux gets angry and takes it out on Cate by moving out. She likes Baze, the “good cop” because he does try to adopt Tasha. And while it was a sweet gesture, it wasn’t very smart. There is no quick fix to this sort of thing. And really, it was the immature thing to do.

Why is Lux so upset? In this world of E-mail, Skyping, Texting, ect – is it the end of the world for a friend to be two hours away from you? I’d call Lux selfish, but she’s young and she was emotional, I can’t blame her for feeling how she feels. But the parental units need to be more mature (read: Baze needs to not just want to please his daughter, but actually THINK).

I felt so bad for Cate, she could have really used her daughter after her fiancee walked out on her. But what say you? Do you agree with Cate’s decision not to adopt Tash, or do you agree with Baze’s decision to try and do so? Are you TEAM CATE or TEAM BAZE? They both want the best for Lux, but whose approach was more sensible?

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