Life Unexpected "Formal Reformed" PH: The CW

Life Unexpected "Formal Reformed" PH: The CW

E Online just got some juicy and much-wanted info from The CW’s president Dawn Ostroff. Unsurprisingly, things don’t look good for Melrose Place being renewed. Of course, were any of us watching this anyway? (Sorry!)  But what about our new CW darling Life Unexpected? While there’s no official word yet, it seems pretty unofficial that The CW WILL renew Life Unexpected. The ratings have been excellent – good job, guys! You’ve been telling your friends to watch, haven’t you? That’s because you’re awesome.

Ostroff tells us, “Creatively, Life Unexpected is in a great place, and it’s doing well. It had a really good night last night, and we’ve been airing it twice a week, and we get as many viewers sometimes on the second run as we do on the first run—it’s not duplicated viewers, it’s new viewers. LUX is actually doing quite well for us. We’re very proud of the show.” So come on, Ostroff, tell us true: What are Life Unexpected’s chances at renewal? “I would say it’s got a real shot at this point.” Whoo-hoo!


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