Ausiello always gets the beefiest, best spoilers sent to his inbox, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them. Now that Life Unexpected has gotten renewed for season 2 (huzzah!), it’s time to sniff out spoilers. We already know that there will be new cast members!

How do we move on from this? Is marriage the end of the line? Nah! Life Unexpected / The CW

Look for these new roles on Life Unexpected season 2:

Eric: A young new teacher at Westmonte High
Paige: The flirty and fun younger sister to Ryan, who is back from an Eat, Pray, Love type of adventure/tour. Maybe she’s author? Or maybe she’s a hippie! (I didn’t read the book, no.)
Rebound girl for Baze 1: Kelly is a Type A conservative who joins the radio show with Ryan.
Rebound girl for Baze 2: Emma is an older woman who works with Baze’s dad, and is a high-powered executive.

Who would you cast for these roles? We’d love to see Laura Bell Bundy in the role of Paige, if only it wasn’t going to be too much of a reoccurring role – since Laura is so busy. As for Emma, if Lauren Graham wasn’t on a series right now, she’d be so fun for that. How about Christina Applegate or Charisma Carpenter? As for Eric, we think they should go pick someone that we’ve hardly seen around at all yet. Kelly could be played by… Alona Tal? These are just some of our suggestions. For maximum Roswell fun, should we suggest Emilie de Ravin in the role of Paige?

Now, who would YOU suggest be considered for these parts?