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Someone’s got Daddy issues – and it’s Baze! A rich, powerful Dad who’s big on making ultimatums – and that’s NEVER fun. Meanwhile, Lux is having Mommy issues. Yea, it seems that Cate is messing up of Lux’s life a bit by making some decisions for her. Change school? Change friends? Cate has lots of ideas for Lux in her best interest, but Lux hates them all.

But does Cate have it totally easy? As I smiled to see guest star Cynthia Stevenson arrive (the Mom on Dead Like Me), Cate was upset to see that Baze’s parents had invited her own family (her Mom and sister, Abby). Cate is more like Baze’s Type-A parents, and Baze is more like Cate’s laid-back, funky family.

Life Unexpected Quotes

“We were just hanging out.” – Lux
“That’s how you hang out – you let some random guy suffocate you with his mouth?” – Baze

“A guy named ‘Bug’ didn’t raise some concerns?” – Baze

“The only Spanish word she knows is ‘nachos’.” – Lux

“Ryan, how do you date her without killing her?” – Baze

“I just, I don’t even know what I did that was so wrong. What? Was it that I got you into a good school or that I didn’t let you dry-hump spiderneck guy?” – Cate

Series creator Liz Tigelaar wrote RENT UNCOLLECTED and the episode will air on February 1st, 2010 on THE CW.

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