You're gonna love them: The Life UneXpected Cast.

You're gonna love them like you love Pringles and scented candles: The Life UneXpected Cast. Pictures from The CW.

The CW
has announced the timeslot for the new show worthy of comparisons to The WB alum Gilmore Girls. That’s right TV fans, Life UneXpected (Lux) will premiere on Monday, January 18th, replacing what would normally be Gossip Girl. This WOULD seem to indicate that they’re actually supporting this show, which is not about rich, white kids at all. (I know, take a moment – it’s shocking.)

Life Unexpected will not stay in that time slot, but is hopefully going to get viewers interested in the show. We don’t yet know what the permanent time slot will be. I’ll be watching no matter when they schedule this sucker.

I was lucky enough to preview the first episode of Life Unexpected, and I really-and-truly enjoyed watching it. I wouldn’t put it on par with Gilmore Girls just yet (those are some big boots to fill), but the comparisons come because it has a unique family-driven plot. But not something cringe-worthy like 7th Heaven. I don’t mean like THAT.


It's a good looking cast, you have to admit that!

The Life UneXpected cast:
Brittany Robertson – Lux
Shiri Appleby – Cate Cassidy
Kristoffer Polaha – Nate “Baze” Bazile
Kerr Smith – Ryan Thomas

While I suspect most people will root for Cate and Baze (and the show definitely points you in that direction), I really like Cate and Ryan. Their banter is just impeccable. Give me good banter and I’ll listen all day. Coincidentally, banter was another thing that Gilmore Girls did well.

Um, and before I continue I have to share some of my favorite GG banter!

Paris: Fine, if you guys wanna sit around for an hour after school swapping makeover horror stories, then count me in. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I plucked outside of my designated brow line? Man, was my face red.
Madeline: I’ve done that, too. Ooh, it’s bad.
Louise: She was being sarcastic.
Madeline: Well, I wasn’t. I looked surprised for a month. – Gilmore Girls


Zach: Yeah. Dave, you’re a Christian. So what? That’s cool.
Brian: It’s nothing to hide.
Zach: Christians can still rock.
Dave: They can?
Lane: Yeah, yeah, Dave. Christians can still rock, don’t hide it.
Zach: Marshall Stacks don’t know Christians from atheists.
Dave: Gosh, I just wasn’t sure if you guys would be accepting of my devoutness.
Brian: Dave, it’s a part of you, and we think you’re cool, so it’s cool.
Dave: Great. Thanks, guys.
Zach: But no way are we playing Creed, man.
Dave: Oh, no, of course not.
Zach: Or Amy Grant. That’s where we draw the line. – Gilmore Girls

Rory: I have to perform Act Five of “Romeo and Juliet” with Paris, Madeline and Louise.
Lorelai: Really?
Rory: Paris has appointed herself as director.
Lorelai: Nice. What part are you playing?
Rory: I don’t know yet. She’s still mulling over the screen tests right now. We’re gonna find out tomorrow.
Lorelai: Screen tests?
Rory: 24 takes.
Lorelai: Ah, I so want a copy.
Rory: Forget it.
Lorelai: Sell it on the Internet, make a fortune. ‘First we brought you Pamela and Tommy Lee, now prepare yourselves for the crazy antics of Rory and the Bard.’
Rory: Oh, and I told Paris that you would make all of our costumes so she wants to have a concept meeting with you tomorrow at three.
Lorelai: What?
Rory: Yeah, she needs a resume and samples of your previous work and, uh, referrals.
Lorelai: And my bare butt to kiss?
Rory: If you think that will set you apart from the other applicants, yes. – Gilmore Girls

I love them already. I'm ALREADY invested in their mother-daughter dynamic. Yup. This is intoxication. TV intoxication.

I love them already. I'm ALREADY invested in their mother-daughter dynamic. Yup. This is intoxication. TV intoxication.

I reviewed Life UneXpected back in late August 09 and this is what I had to say:

Life UneXpected (LU, LX? edit: LUX): I expect this will be my favorite new series on The CW. Shiri Appleby has certainly done things since Roswell, but seeing her on the The CW just feels right since she used to be on The WB. Kerr Smith (a Dawson’s Creek alum) is also back with us. Kristoffer Polaha shares the spotlight on this show, and while I looked at all of the projects he’s done I noticed he was actually once on Roswell! There’s a real problem here, though. Because I really like both of the love interests for Appleby’s character! Normally I can gravitate towards one right away, why do they both have to be so great? This show is about love, although the most important dynamic/relationship is the one explored through young teen, Lux, and her birth parents (Appleby and Polaha). If you only have time to check out one new show this winter, I highly recommend this one.

Okay, maybe I’m forgetting that I liked the love triangle options a little more than I thought. Which is actually awesome, because love triangles are fun to watch. For those who miss old school WB shows like Felicity, Dawson’s Creek and Roswell – this is what you’ve been waiting for. CW, do us a solid and keep this show around. The youth of America deserve it!

Shiri Appleby and Kerr Smith’s return to this network could not be more triumphant than with Life Unexpected.

Check out the Life UneXpected website.