life unexpected

The episode begins by showing us how two worlds of our show have changed. Cate (Shiri Appleby) is trying to do motherly things like become Julia Child (wonder if she saw that movie Julie & Julia? It was kind of boring, and Amy Adams’ character was whiny!) while Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) is playing beer pong. Okay, so maybe not everyone is changing at the same rate.

I am VERY glad the show addressed the fact that Cate¬† got a major haircut. Once Ryan (Kerr Smith) brought it up Cate remarked, “My hair dresser is psychic. She knew I got a kid, she made me a soccer mom.” But Appleby’s hair is not really very soccer mommish – even if I DO prefer it longer.

Like many teens, Lux (Brittany Robertson)¬† had secret plans she hadn’t mentioned to her new parents (well, original parents). Plans that involved ditching school, having a band of friends who were counting on her being emancipated, and having a hot boyfriend. Maybe her plans aren’t all bad…


– “I’ll drive her. But don’t call me a banana.” – Baze
– A mention of stalking a therapist. Which I love because Kerr Smith was in the scene, and he was also in an episode of Dawson’s Creek when he helped Jen (Michelle Williams) stalk her therapist. Yup, I have vast amounts of weird TV knowledge.
– “The only thing between us is the lingering smell of your Axe body spray.” – Cate. Do guys still wear that stuff?
– Sunnydale is mentioned! (Or maybe Sunnyvale. Still counts!)
– I really love Cate’s house and the areas you’ll see them carve out for Lux. I hope they are able to tell us where they got some of these items!

Songs in Life Unexpected – House Inspected:

Ben Lee – Close I’ve Come
Regina Spektor – The Calculation
Patty Griffin – ?

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