Life Unexpected "Formal Reformed" PH: The CW

Life Unexpected "Formal Reformed" PH: The CW

Last night we had the LIFE UNEXPECTED episode “Formal Reformed”. Watching Baze try to apologize to Math by making his favorite sandwich (pastrami with banana peppers) talk to him was really cute. But the episode itself wasn’t my favorite. And I can only talk about this show openly because at my core – I love it. So let’s talk, gang.

I give a thumbs up to:

  • I loved the way they wrote in commentary on how Shiri Appleby talks, without it coming across as malicious. Writing for the actors you have is a sign that the writers/actors have a true connection. Which is great about a show.
  • Bug came back for Lux.
  • And speaking of the girl who annoys me so much I could cry tears of blood – I’m glad she was able to stick up for herself to him. You really can’t get respect if you don’t demand it.

I give a thumbs down to:

  • Maybe because the character of Lux is based so closely on the creator/writer – no one wants to give much input on this character. But someone needs to tell Liz Tigelaar that Lux is annoying the hell out of everyone. More annoying than those kids on GOSSIP GIRL, even.
  • What’s sad is that there’s no hope for Cate/Math, but he’s actually a great guy for her.
  • There was almostĀ  NO Ryan in this episode.
  • I wasn’t wild about Lux’s dress, it seemed shorter than I thought it was.
  • The end moment of Baze and Cate had no real emotions for me because I knew Baze had Cate’s sister in his bed. It makes him a scumball. Seriously, Baze sleeping with Abby is a great plot point – but from Lux and Cate’s pov, that’s just full of bullshit. We want to say Baze is a nice guy, but nice guys don’t do that. Think of the kid!
  • Lux’s random use of the word ‘transcendent’ bothered me because it was awkward and it sounded like another character would be talking. Seriously. It’s kind of like having a character spout out a French phrase, when you know they don’t speak French. It’s weird. If they want to write Lux up as smarter and more wordy – please, do it, but don’t just randomly tease us.
  • There was a major lack of witty quotes.