life unexpected picturesIt looks like that in the next episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED Baze continues to be the hero in Lux’s life, while Cate is an enemy. I can’t help but wish that Baze would realize how much it hurts Cate to be shut out, and try to encourage Lux to let Cate into the loop. The CW has provided four clips of the show to whet your whistle:

Life Unexpected Episode Preview – Family Therapized: Liz Tigelaar talks about what will happen in “Family Therapized”

Life Unexpected Trailer – Family Therapized: This episode is going to be INTENSE.

Life Unexpected Webclip 1 – Family Therapized : Abby and Cate try to talk to Lux.

Life Unexpected Webclip 2 – Family Therapized: Baze hires Bug to appease Lux.