life unexpectedI’ve got four youtube clips from THE CW for Life Unexpected tonight. In the first clip, show creator Liz Tigelaar explains the premise for the episode. “People who don’t want to be trapped together, end up being trapped together.” That’s a fun angle to work, but I’ve never ever seen it done better than in Kevin Williamson‘s “The Breakfast Club” homage about detention on Dawson’s Creek. That damn Abby Morgan made everything better!

In the trailer they show us that Cate DOES find out that Baze and Abby have been sleeping together – but apparently she finds that out in a yoga class. Are they trapped in yoga together? I’m not going to watch the webclips, personally, because I don’t like to know TOO much of an episode before I actually sit down to watch it. But the clips are here in case you want to spoil yourselves silly, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, my little TV addicts. WE take care of our own, after all. *Pat, pat*

Life Unexpected Episode Preview – Storm Weathered

Life Unexpected Trailer – Storm Weathered

Life Unexpected Webclip 1 – Storm Weathered

Life Unexpected Webclip 2 – Storm Weathered