The new comedic webseries Life-ers captured our flighty, over-booked attentions. It’s definitely worth a look.

Here’s her Twit Picture, taken from her twitter (’cause we’re spies who needed a picture!)

After watching  a 35 second rough cut video for the series, we were intrigued to find out a little bit more. So, not only is the lead for the series incredibly attractive (it’s an instant “I want to be her!” for the shallow reason that her hair is amazing), but she’s the kind of attractive wherein she’s also got that sparkling bit of talent that makes her seem all sorts of multi-faceted. Put it like this: If the role of Carrie Bradshaw had been cast as a very pretty, very bland and untalented actress, Sex and the City would have been canceled after one season. That’s the importance casting has on a project. And as such, we probably should mention the name of the lead we like so much – it’s Kristen Ruhlin.

(Edit: We now realize that Ruhlin is also the writer. Ergo, we were right that she is talented. Ha! And if you Google her, you’ll see she’s out and about, popping up in awesome places like the premiere for the Kristen Bell movie When in Rome.)

Celebrities Go Green! Here’s How to Drink More Water like Kristen Bell

Aside from what we’ve seen of the cast, the concept is relatable for just about anyone that isn’t Paris Hilton, because money is not a thing most of us just magically have.

The story follows recent college graduate, Tina, who is 30k in debt and takes on multiple jobs to help pay the bills. Even with a degree it doesn’t secure the notion that you may still be working at McDonalds in this economy, and here you just might encounter a “Life-er”.

Much like Joss Whedon‘s take for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, this is a project that puts passion before money, and creation happens for the sake of creation. But because the passion is warranted, I’m sure the end game is for this to be successful monetarily, too. (And we hope that it does, because that’d mean more of the series.) Right now, Life-ers is a no-budget project where the entire cast and crew are simply donating of their time and talent to create the series. Some of these people are used to making 1500k a day, but are contributing here anyway. Luckily, sponsors are already hopping on board to support them. (Now who wants to sponsor us, eh?)

You’ll be able to find the series via as of August 2010.

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Talent that is already attached to the project is listed under the cut. There’s a lot of names of people you already know, or will likely know sometime soon.

Cast: KRISTEN RUHLIN (Descent, Missing Child, Managed by John Carrabino Mgmt. with Gladys Gonzalez, CESD), FRANK PAYNE (Garfield Movie, My Wife and Kids), KEVIN J RYAN (Managed by Kjar and Associates, and AKA Talent), AMANDA PAJER (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Production CompanyDifferent Duck Films, LLC
Executive Producer : Kristin Ruhlin
Producer : Angel Acevedo (We Need Girlfriends) He was one of my first interview victims.
Co-Producer : Stuart Page
Assoc. Producer: Tyler Barnes, Tenille Repinski, Janna Vanheertum
Director : Rob Margolies (Lifelines)
: Kristen Ruhlin
Publicity: Lauren Fulcher, Megan Potash, FRH PR
Musical contributor: Slackstring

Slackstring – Sun Again Will Shine