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lie to me season 2 dvd

As a a TV blogger my job is quite literally to watch impressive amounts of TV (which I do with grace, subtly, and a constant influx of Diet Coke.) But in the case of Lie to Me I feel as though I actually learn a lot when I watch. The science of deception is tricky, and I think it’s amazing that we can study and learn to read body language in such a sneaky way. Do I ever try to test these Lie to Me techniques that I learn? Uh, only totally! It makes me feel like I have a superpower. And I’ve prepared a pretty long list of these techniques for you guys.

This intelligent series with Tim Roth, Kelli Williams , Brendan Hines and Monica Raymund centers around Dr. Cal Lightman, who is skilled in the science of lie detection. His team aids the police, the FBI, and other clients in helping to solve cases. Some TV shows feel dumbed-down like watered soda that’s not worth your time, but I enjoy giving Lie to Me my full attention.

tim roth

Tim Roth as Cal Lightman in Lie to Me

For those not in-the-know yet, what’s great is that the series is based on a real person, Dr. Paul Eckman (aka Cal Lightman in the series) so the techniques and science is all based in reality. (Check out the Paul Ekman wiki page for more info on him, it’s worth a once-over for sure.) Most people are not natural truth detectors (this probably isn’t a huge surprise, considering how many lies we hear every day without recognizing them as lies…guys, I didn’t even wash my lipstick like I said in the first paragraph!), so having any sort of “formal training” or knowledge is very helpful. And they said TV couldn’t teach us things, ha! This show educates the public in a very entertaining manner, using complex plots and fun characters. Unlike many more fantastical shows, Lie to Me stays very close to the reality of lie detection as a science, not fluffing things for the dramatic effect. I appreciate this and applaud the show for being meticulous with its fact checking. They are lucky to have Dr. Paul Ekman working with them in such a close capacity. His blogging alongside each episode is a wonderful read, and the Fox website has them all stored (even from the pilot) for those with procrastination problems like this writer.

In season 2 Mekhi Phifer (known forever to me as the guy who dies in the beginning of the classic 90’s movie Scream 2) became a regular cast member. But the guest stars were also great.

As a forever loyal Veronica Mars fan, I was thrilled to see that people really loved Jason Dohring‘s performance in the episode “Beat the Devil.” It was a creepy role, but the episode was incredibly solid and merits a re-watch (as does the entire season, really.)

james marsters lie to me

James Marsters in Lie to Me

And, as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series fan I was equally thrilled to see there’s an episode with James Marsters. (I haven’t made it through all of the episodes yet!)

Special features of the Lie to Me season 2 DVD include deleted scenes, Dr. Ekman’s Blog, a gag reel, and two featurettes: Dr. Ekman/Dr. Lightman – Lie Detection Tutorial and Eli Loker – An Honest Man. All the stuff you want, plus a little bit more.

Lie to Me Techniques: (Most of the techniques require you to read micro expressions, which is nothing I can teach or am qualified to explain (and I have no visual aids!) But there are some clues I’ve taken note of from watching the show.)

  • An oral indication of lying is when people say, “Yea. No, I’d never do that..” or “No. Yea, I’d love to visit there!” Think about it, you hear that all the time. Hell, you might even be guilty of that Freudian slip yourself. In this example the person is showing how they really feel first, and then contradicting themselves by saying a manipulated answer that they want to convey as truth. Believe their first natural impulse. People also commonly shake their head “no” while saying “yes.” It’s so natural, look for it and you’ll be surprised!

    kelli williams lie to me

    Tim Roth and Kelli Williams in Lie to Me Season 2

  • Dilated pupils can indicate sexual arousal, fear, anger, or excitement.
  • Listen for distancing language. Saying “that woman” instead of “her” is a curious thing to do, and often indicates some sort of cover-up.
  • When people don’t know the answer to a question their brows don’t raise, but if they do raise, they probably know the answer.
  • Eyebrows pulled together and raised up indicate fear.
  • Baseline knowledge of how someone usually acts when being truthful is important.
  • Arms or legs crossed could mean the person is defensive.
  • Innocent people under suspicion often get angry. That doesn’t mean they’re guilty.
  • A person who is uncomfortable may use self-comforting behavior like rubbing one hand over another.
  • lie to me james marsters

    James Marsters and Tim Roth in Lie to Me

  • Researchers generally agree there is some merit to the idea that when people look to the right they are recalling something (truth) but looking to the left means they are making something up. However, that’s standard for right-hand people, and if someone is left-handed it could be the opposite. More than that, looking down to the left might be useful in recalling smell/feeling or sight. Looking down to the right recalls dialogue. (Just remember that left = lying.) People who are constructing an image or sound look to the left. People who are remembering an image of sound look to the right. BUT, remembering FEELINGS lets people look down and to the left, which is one major obstacle in this.
  • People looking for a door mean they might want a quick out.
  • Someone on medicine like painkillers can distort how the person acts.
  • It is harder to lie when confronting the target of the lie.
  • When you have a relationship with someone you have a blind spot and can miss signs.
  • Both the top and bottom halves of the face should correlate, which is why that if you don’t see a smile reach the eyes it’s not a genuine smile. Tyra Banks is always talking about this on ANTM! Only she calls it “smizing” which is a ridiculous word.

Visit Paul Ekman’s Blog to learn to watch for micro expressions.

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