leverage christian kane

Leverage “The Three Strikes Job” Review in Advance: This episode starts out with Nate visiting a friend in the hospital who had an attempt on his life. While there, he has painful flashbacks of losing his child. He goes to Sophie. Well, he goes to her via phone, trying to reach her. He tells her, “It was a hospital…and you know me and hospitals.” His frustrated,  sixth message to her is, “Okay, you want a message. Here’s a message. You’re wasting your time. You don’t figure out who you are by roaming the earth or hiding in London. Look, nobody knows who they are. I mean, you think you do. And then life. It tears you out of you. And you live with that. Look, there is no answer…” And there is no answer from Sophie. Oh Soph, where are you?

Angry, “highly motivated” state cops are also working the case the team takes on. It is a case which revolves around a corrupt mayor played by Richard Kind (Spin City, Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Mad About You – Google his face and in an instant you’ll know who I mean).

In one scene, Parker does a serious stunt as she pouts and proclaims, “I never get to do anything fun.” Oh, that’s the sweet, sweet taste of irony we get to savor. Tastes…salty.

The episode ends on “TO BE CONTINUED”. “It’s a big day. Big, big day for us,” says Hardison. And that day is only getting started. Now cue some maniacal laughter from an unexpected guest.


– “Fibers of crime!” – Hardison
– Eliot filmed a fake commercial for Japan.
– Parker can speak Spanish.
– Parker and Hardison as hardcore sports fans? Love it. Do not miss this episode!
– Soybeans are dangerous!

Leverage “The Three Strikes Job” airs Wednesday February 10th on TNT. The next episode is “The Maltese Falcon Job”.