Leverage “The Maltese Falcon” Review in Advance: The previous episode (“The Three Strikes Job”) left us on a pretty big cliffhanger! The Mayor is a federal witness, which means anyone with a badge of any sort is after the group. And they even know their aliases. This means no one can really use credit cards, or anything. They’re frozen. As the group stands in a familiar-looking circle, the camera swings around as everyone gives their input. “Scatter or stay?”, asks Eliot. You can tell they’ve come a long way because of the informed choice they make.

Last week Nate just wanted to steal a baseball field (!), so what lil target do you think he’ll want to steal this week? Really, it’s more like borrowing. Which is really not so hostile at all. When you borrow something or someone and return them, it’s really not THAT rude at all.

Richard Kind as the Mayor is great, especially when he gets all spazzy and nervous. Also, he has a very hairy chest. I’d suggest waxing, but that would be way too painful for that furry carpet.

Guess what? You wouldn’t like Parker when she’s angry. Or VERA, VERA angry. She’s tiny, but man, don’t piss her off. Remember what they said about her in the very first episode of Leverage? She is dangerous! Despite my Hulk reference to Parker, it’s Eliot that does a Hulk move.

This episode was truly worthy of being a major finale. The only bad part? It leaves you wanting more Leverage right away! The 1941 film version of “The Maltese Falcon” was named one of the best movies by Entertainment Weekly and Roger Ebert.  “The Maltese Falcon Job” is one of the best episodes of Leverage. (That’s not the only reason this episode is named that, though!)


– “Put her in the tub with the other’s” SNORT. Trust me, you’ll laugh at this line. I know it’s not a line you think you’d laugh at, but you will.
– “And it smells. Like old clown shoes.” – Tara
– “I guess I will show you how I deal with people who lie to me.”
– Sophie and Nate still have communication problems.
– “I can feel you thinking, ____. And don’t. Don’t bother.” – Nate
– You will enjoy Eliot’s counting. I promise.

Leverage “The Maltese Falcon Job” airs Wednesday, February 17th @ 10 pm ET/PT on TNT.