A new episode of Leverage airs on Sunday, June 27 at 9 pm on TNT. This episode is called “The Inside Job” and it’s probably my most favorite Leverage episode, ever. Ever. I’m using the italics and everything. As I write this review, I’ve had a crazy, crazy day and feel a mountain of stress trying to suffocate me. But that’s gotta be nothing compared to the stress the characters took on in this episode.

In “The Inside Job” Parker has taken an outside job (no one knows why) and has gotten trapped inside a location that, coincidentally, no one can find. Perfect, right? Even when the team figures out who she was working with, and “where” she is, nothing gets easier. And here you thought breaking Nate out of prison was hard, huh?

If you’re a Nate/Sophie shipper, you’re going to enjoy the really beginning of this episode when we see how Nate’s learned some cooking skills whilst being incarcerated (Martha Stewart really had an affect on prisons,  I guess.) Not only does Sophie want a nibble, she’s fine with Nate feeding her with his fingers.

“I should of had you cook me breakfast a long time ago.” – Sophie

And then there’s this gem:

“Are we ever going to talk about the kiss?” – Nate

“Kiss? I don’t remember a kiss. I remember a slap. You’re still working off the slap.” – Sophie

But then it’s down to business! Parker’s outside job involved breaking into a Steranko Security System – which the entire team (minus Sophie) knows is the toughest one to break. Eliot and Hardison start sweating just thinking about a Steranko.

To track down Parker’s place of living (I can’t really call it an apartment or a house…) Nate and Sophie have to break the security code. Luckily, Sophie realizes Parker would have used her real name. Sorry Nate, still don’t know it? Maybe later.

Once Hardison and Eliot have arrived at Parker’s, Nate wants to know if the team’s  tech guru can crack the Steranko. “Can you crack it?” is the question, but Hardison only has excuses about how no one can do it because it’s impossible!

“No, no. For Parker, can you crack it?” – Nate

That question gets a different reaction. And shippers rejoice everywhere (Hell, I know I did.)

So, the team is off to steal Parker! Eliot and Nate do recon, and Sophie has outfits and accent ideas for her and Hardison. Wanna be pompous? You gotta go English!

The thing to love about Sophie is that she’s such a pro, she never shows doubt, and she works well under pressure. Watching Gina Bellman in this episode is an utter delight. Sophie has fun in times when most people would be hyperventilating. Must be the sign of a truly good grifer.

Archie, “The World’s Greatest Thief” is around. And he has henchmen. luckily, Nate has Eliot. You gotta love having someone like that around, especially if they have Christian Kane’s arms.

This episode, more than any other, reminds you how dangerous these jobs the team takes truly are. And as hard as they work, as hard as they fight, they can’t always win.

“Honest answer? We can’t find Parker.” – Hardison

“A laser tripwire in a ventilation shaft? …I’m in trouble.” – Parker

“I freaking love this spy stuff.” – Me, while watching

The interactions between Eliot and Parker are aww-worthy in this episode. Remember in the pilot how scared Eliot was of Parker? He thought she was crazy and said that he’d never work with her. Yea. They’ve come pretty far. Eliot might even be the one to teach Parker how to sext!

Geek moment: An evil-doer is named Mr. Voorhree’s. (Get it? Friday the 13th? Come on!)

For as much as this episode is a vehicle to showcase Beth Riesgraf, Bellman also stood out. Episodes of Leverage are never just about one character, and the most interesting angles are to see the dynamics between the different characters. That’s why “The Inside Job” is such a perfect episode.

Never forget, the best way to leave the scene of a crime is in style.

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