Leverage “The Future Job”advance review : Look out for Luke Perry as a guest star in the Leverage episode “The Future Job”. He plays a super-manipulative (super creepy!) psychic. This dude cons people not just in the normal way that psychics do (btw, psychics are cons!), but he’s super ambitious. He actually checks people’s bank statements to see how much they can still afford to give him, and then “drains the life savings of his bereaved clients.” Talk about a sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s day to YOU.

Parker is very anti-psychic, which makes it uncomfortable when she’s singled out. Some important Parker backstory is uncovered. And she’s not happy about that. She decides she’d like to, “Cut off his arms. And his head. Yea, I wanna kill him. Can we make that happen?”Weeelll….

Nate has an idea where they will STEAL THE FUTURE. And you know what? They really do. Watching the team work together is always a joy, and this time is no exception.

Fans of Prison Break will be happy to see Brad Bellick (Wade Williams) as another guest star for the episode. Ironically his character in Leverage also did time in a prison!

LEVERAGE The Future Job airs on TNT – Wednesday, February 3rd 2010.We will have advance reviews with pics for the last two episodes of Leverage this season (“The Three Strikes Job” & “The Maltese Falcon Job”) so go on and subscribe now!

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