Are you ready to steal some cars? That’s what our beloved Leverage team is doing this Sunday in “The Boost Job.” And who’s the only one you know who’s a real match for some master car thieves? Parker! With a little help, of course. The team works to end the reign of a car dealer who doesn’t work on the up and up.

The car dealer is played by Bill Engvall, who you might recognize from Blue Collar Comedy or The Bill Engvall Show. I actually couldn’t place him until I looked up the name. But I think this is because they have him dressed in a very perfect “car dealer” outfit. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. They all desperately need style advice, but you know they wouldn’t take it. (There should be an entire reality TV series based on ambush makeover-ing used car dealer’s/salesmen. They tend to dress remarkably inside of Dwight Schrute’s color palette – but also with fake gold chain necklaces over mock turtlenecks. This? Is a good look on no one.)

This episode has a focus on Parker, but still doesn’t live up to “The Inside Job” in my estimation. We do get to know a tiny bit more about Parker’s past, and you’ll see her be – gasp – empathetic!

My favorite moment is when Parker enlists Hardison to steal an unstealable car.

Watch this episode if only to catch the clever Betty/Veronica (Archie Comics) reference and the unapologetically-delivered Parker quote, “And they might shoot you a little.”

Leverage “The Boost Job” airs Sunday, August 1, at 9 pm ET/PT on TNT.