how i met your mother

Last Monday’s episodes of How I Met Your Mother (“The Perfect Week”) and The Big Bang Theory (“The Einstein Approximation”) taught us many valuable lessons. And I really hope you haven’t forgotten them already. If you did – lucky for you we have a refresher course for ya’ll.

– Sharing is great. Sharing a hamburger with someone will help you save money and carbs if you usually just bring home half anyway. But sharing a toothbrush with someone? Very-super-super creepy and gross. (HIMYM)

– If you are nervous about an interview, try imagining a celebrity interviewing you in the waiting room. When you get into the actual interview, you’ll have blasted away those nerves. How can your possible new¬† job employer compete with coolness vibes against John Cusack? (HIMYM)

– Don’t tackle problems without sleep and/or coffee. You’ll be crazy and drive other’s there, too. (TBBT)

– Economizing too much is often dumb. Such is the case with using butter instead of deodorant. (TBBT)

РBe happy about the accomplishments you have. Especially if you can elude  your friend in a ball pit. Bazinga! (TBBT)

What lessons will we learn next? What have these shows already taught you? Sound off in the comments. I’m listening. Or, you know – reading.