Did that Leslie Knope engagement ring box look familiar? It should have.

During a conference call with Amy Poehler, Adam Scott and Mike Schur, a nice bit of Parks and Recreation trivia surfaced.

Emily Gagne TV Guide Canada (who said “about” in a way that made me giggle and want to befreind them*) asked if she was being too big of a nerd to suspect the red box that held Leslie’s engagement ring was the same box they’ve seen in episodes before.

And, of course, it was.

Poehler appreciated this insight and said, “Yes, you are being a total nerd, and we love how much of a nerd you are that you noticed that. We are all total nerds, as well.”

It is the same box that had the Knope 2012 button and also the Washington Monument we saw in the season 4 finale. Ben and Leslie use that box to give each other special, life-altering gifts.

Poehler joked of the boxs’ importance by saying, “When the show’s over we’re all gonna get into the box and fly away.”

Adam Scott added, “It’s a time machine.”

Is it, perhaps, a red TARDIS? Do you think someday Leslie will put a pregnancy test in there to show Ben that she’s pregnant? Do you think Leslie and Ben will get married before season 6 of Parks and Rec?

*I love Canadians. I also want a Robin Scherbatsky in my life.