Pawnee citizen Leslie Knope isn’t just a general do-gooder, she may actually make your Christmas better.

Hopefully you lovely folks are already all big fans of Parks and Recreation (NBC) and I don’t have to first convince you to get your behinds to hop-to watching the series. I’m also hoping you’ve already seen last night’s episode, titled “Citizen Knope.” If you haven’t, this will contain some spoilers so you may want to bookmark this and come back after you’re fully refreshed with your P&R time. (Which is like R&R, only way better because you can find free frisbee’s at the park.)

Forget them? Recap: Parks and Recreation Christmas Gifts from Leslie Knope

Knope (Amy Poehler, who is like a Christmas gift unto the downtrodden world of grief and taxes) is already well known on the show for being a generous and thoughtful gift giver. Or need I remind you of Galentine’s Day? But she really outdid herself for Christmas 2011.

Not content just to get something that’s nice and price appropriate, she really dug down and figured out presents for her friends that they would really appreciate. This made me examine my own gift-giving technique. Am I planning to give people something decent (passable, nice, ordinary) or something extraordinary and personal that’s worth bragging about on Twitter? Most of my gifts right now fall in the former category. And why? Because it’s easier and less taxing to try and figure out a “wow” gift. There’s a lot of risk in that kind of thing, because you might spend a lot of time and money on something that they don’t actually want. But if you get it right, it’s magic. So make a word cloud if you must, and start thinking.

Remember, with the right gift you can almost make Ron Swanson cry.

Parks and Recreation season 4 airs Thursdays on NBC