Sadly, it is the least illuminating of all of Lee Radziwell’s tweets.

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Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) is intrigued, see?! Photo: ABC

Oh, and it’s totally fake. Suppose I should get that out of the way. It’s not confirmed, but it’s also the kind of thing that even a non Veronica Mars can figure out.

An interlude for the youngin’s: Who is Lee Radziwell?

I popped over to @LeeRadizwell today, because – why not? And I found that I had awesome mantras to steal, all through the tweets! Seriously, solid stuff. Pinterest-worthy quotes.

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Stuck between a note about not wearing flip flops with jeans and that we can’t let our insecuries become self-fullfiling prophecies, was this:

Lee Radizill @leeradziwell – When will Lydia Davis reappear? Will the real Emily Thorne’s family appear? When will Victoria discover that Emily is Amanda? #Revenge (link)

It was favorited four times.

It’s boring. And it’s…what? Why are there all these hastaged* (#lessonswithlee), uplifting things about life and then a random commercial break about Revenge?

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*Yes, I just made it a verb.

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