One of our beloved TV faces might be heading into the Twilight saga. Not as a new fan, but as part of the next movie- Breaking Dawn.

Though Pushing Daisies was canceled, it was a beloved show. As was the (also canceled) Wonderfalls. Actor Lee Pace was on both shows, and has become equally beloved. You might have also seen him in a bit part of When in Rome as Kristen Bell’s jerk ex-boyfriend, or as the brother to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s devoted husband in Possession. (Both movies are sadly skippable.)

And now…. you might see him as Edward’s friend, Garrett, in Breaking Dawn. E! news is reporting that Lee Pace is very close to making the role his.

While it might mean great things for his career, it’s hard not to want to keep him from this Twilight circus. But we do know he can look tough…

Lee Pace in Possession