andy on weeds

Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk)  has made more University of Andy courses for us to gleam knowledge from. “Learn from the best! Whether it’s pleasing the opposite sex or surviving bear attacks, the University of Andy promises to provide you with practical solutions to life’s biggest challenges. Don’t forget to check back weekly for new classes!”

Due to overwhelming fan response, WEEDS’s resident funnyman and professor extraordinaire Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk) will be teaching 11 more how-to courses in the second semester of his webisode series, “UNIVERSITY OF ANDY.” Rolling out over the next four months, new courses will premiere on the website every two to three weeks, beginning with a special ”The Perfect Thanksgiving” course on November 16th The first semester of “UNIVERSITY OF ANDY,” which launched last summer, received more than 6 million views.

Watch this video on threesomes. I slightly can’t believe I just typed that. Oh well.

Thanksgiving may be over, but I still found “The Perfect Thanksgiving” important to watch for soul-growth and blah blah blah – just watch it.