In Glee “Theatricality” Rachel Berry revealed to her mom, Shelby, why she was named Rachel. Apparently her Dad’s were big fans of the NBC show Friends. So, they named her after the character of Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston).

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Pop culture really does influence people. What do you want to bet the odds are that some children have been named after Sex and the City characters like Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte Yorke? Perhaps even Miranda Hobbes or Samantha Jones (although the latter is a bit racy to name your newborn after!) We start to love character’s, and even if we didn’t previously like the name, we begin to.

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We already know that many kids are now being named Bella, because of the Twilight craze. While “Rachel” is a more common name, it’s interesting that some kids were named after the character. Was anyone named after Monica?

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Of course, more popular than naming your child after Rachel was always to get “The Rachel” haircut. While it’s not all that flattering, it was a huge craze in the 90’s. Rachel had this haircut in the first two seasons, which means that as of 1994, hairstylists were giving many women this haircut. The Rachel haircut is a layered shag with bouncy angles. It goes by the names “The Rachel”, “Rachel Shag” or “Rachel Haircut”. It even has its own Wiki page!

While Rachel Berry doesn’t have her own haircut style (and actually wears extensions on the show) Lea Michele has teamed up with Dove as a spokeswoman, and is known for having shiny, beautiful hair. I doubt she’ll ever don “The Rachel” herself. At least, I hope not!

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