You didn’t think you’d get through The 2010 Tony Awards without a little taste of Glee, did you? Read on to see Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele singing their hearts up into the eager heavens.

Laura Bell Bundy (Legally Blonde: The Musical) introduced this segment for the 2010 Tony Awards. She looking every bit the golden glamor girl, but she still never leaves her sense of humor far behind (she made mention she’s one of the Broadway stars that still hasn’t been on Glee, and I hope the exec’s take note of this so we can see her next year).

Morrison sang with a pure voice, and was tapping and dancing across the stage while backed by four gals. There were a couple times when he seemed out of breathe – but that’s what happens when you give a strong performance for “All I Need is the Girl” like he did. I’d hoped there would be a duet, but there was not.

After Morrison sang, Lea Michele’s song started up and the camera went to her figure standing in the aisle. Singing for her life, and clearly very comfortable being a performer, Michele did her rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. Her Spring Awakening and Glee co-star Jonathan Groff was sitting on an aisle seat, and it was adorable to see her sit in his lap for a moment (3:54).

The controversy with Michele at the Tony’s had to do with her singing. There’s no question about whether or not she has a great voice. And we’ve all heard her sing this song before. But last night I would say that either she couldn’t hear herself in her ear, or something had upset her prior to her performance. The song was good, but Michele was singing it angrily or with too much force. We could hear her P’s pop into the too-close microphone and it was a little distracting to wonder if she was enjoying herself or pissed off because someone said she should have worn her hair up. There was a rushed energy to her performance at the Tony’s and instead of singing loudly, the end seemed to be slightly screamed out at us. Did her passion for her performance carry her away?

All of that said, I’m not good at recognizing everyone – was that Jay Z she was also singing to (at 4:18)? Help a fan out and leave a comment to let me know.

Lea Michele “Don’t Rain on my Parade” at the Tony’s:

Compare to the Rachel Berry “Don’t Rain on my Parade” version at Sectionals:

Glee Live! Tour Gibson Amphitheatre Los Angeles Thursday May 20, 2010:

And just for fun, Glee “We Are Golden” fanvid:

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