Lauren Graham was a surprisingly discerning Project Runway Season 10 guest judge. (And don’t fall for the gossip, Heidi Klum did not throw a verbal slap at Graham during the judges deliberation.)

When you are a celebrity that has snagged a guest judge spot on a reality show, sometimes it’s because you’re passionate about the show and sometimes it’s because you have a project to promote and your publicists has encouraged you to do it. Either way, it can be daunting to join a group of established judges, and try to quickly think up a smart remark that is honest and hopefully a bit interesting. (And let’s face it, often the guest judges simply refuse to say anything harsh, even if it’s warranted.) This is why I found Lauren Graham to be such a perfect choice as a Project Runway guest judge.

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On Gilmore Girls, I fell in love with Graham. (Do you watch Bunheads on ABC Family? It’s amazing.) But I’ll admit I don’t really keep up with her latest show, Parenthood. None the less, Graham is not someone you ever forget about. And when I began watching the Project Runway Season 10 premiere, I worried for her. “Oh no, what will she say that is nice to some of these awful designs?!” I thought. But I needn’t have feared.

Turns out, Graham is a major fan of the show! And she was someone that didn’t just say passive little comments, she had real opinions and, like Heidi Klum, was very interested in providing helpful, honest critiques.

When I had the honor of speaking to Heidi Klum once again on a conference call, just earlier this month, I heard her speak about how she’s never trying to be mean. (And it comes off that way at times!) Instead, she’s trying to do her best to tell the designers exactly why she does or doesn’t like something. She wants to give them information to improve. And even if her tone is unapologetic, her intent is earnestly sweet. And I think it’s amazing that she cares so much that he does this. She even laughed and commented about sometimes she rambles and goes on too far, trying to explain herself and that’s why it comes across as overly harsh.

Now, going back to Graham – didn’t you love her comments? They never had to skip over her, and she always had something very insightful to add. She really understood what she was looking at, and why she did or didn’t like it. She came across not just as a fashionable celebrity, but as a true fan. I especially loved when she commented about how in person she could see much more detail, that on TV gets lost on those little black dresses.

There was a moment where Klum commented on something Graham said (about how a T-shirt designer won’t win Project Runway), and a few people have said Klum was being disrespectful to the guest judge. To that I say, what show were YOU watching? I saw judges doing what we love them to do – debate! And Klum had a good point. I personally didn’t sense any hostility between these two, and think it’s a moment that is being dramatized.

Heidi Klum did not  “diss” Lauren Graham.

And Graham’s contributing presence was basically perfection.

Project Runway season 10 had a great start. Let’s hope it stays that way.lauren graham project runway

But we’re curious about what you thought of that Klum/Graham moment. And we’re also curious about what you thought of Lauren Graham as a guest judge! Let us know in the comments!

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