laurengrahamI was severely amped when I saw that Lauren Graham was going to be on ELLEN yesterday to promote PARENTHOOD. But I was also SO tired from the entire day. And there was 30 minutes until ELLEN started… So I set my alarm clock to go off at 4 p.m. and decided I’d take a mandatory mini nap. But I was so nervous about the alarm clock and missing Lauren that by the time my alarm went off, I had never fallen asleep. And then I was REALLY tired. Like, hallucinating-dogs-tap-dancing-on-the-ceiling tired. So I flopped into bed and napped as ELLEN began. Lucky for me, THE INTERNET EXISTS. So I still get to see the interview. And guess what…so do you.

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Lauren Graham on Ellen video-age, after the jump.


Gilmore Girls has only been gone three years? IT FEELS LIKE ETERNITY.

I want Stashetastic, too!

“I live in a banana!” – Lauren Graham

“House ball!” – Lauren Graham