For the first round of songs in the American Idol 2011 finale, Scotty and Lauren picked their favorite song of the season and gave it to us one more time. Both of them did well, but neither stood out over the other for me.

Scotty McCreery “Gone” – This is his favorite song of the season. He seems to be trying to bring more rocker into his outfits, wearing some bling jewelry (a shiny silver cross on a black choker), a graphic shirt and a leather jacket. Sadly, what hasn’t changed his the way heĀ  holds the microphone. His energy was up, and I like that he was animated.

Lauren Alaina “Flat on the Floor” – It’s unfortunate for her that she had to sing while in (possible) pain and not up to 100% with her voice. But it was hard to tell as she sang. She is a powerhouse.

Celebrity picks were up next. Their idols picked songs for them to sing.

Scotty McCreery (Idol: George Strait) “Check Yes or No” -Scotty broke out a guitar for this song. Instead of seeming animated, he seemed a bit like a bobblehead who stood like Elvis. It was all very confusing. I wasn’t feeling it.

Lauren Alaina (Idol: Carrie Underwood) “Maybe it was Memphis” – Lauren wore a really beautiful gold, poofy dress. The song didn’t start out strong for her, but got better fast. I really enjoy listening to her. Although, I didn’t enjoy her silver cowboy boots – weird.

Randy and Jennifer both agreed that round 1 went to Scotty and round 2 to Lauren. Steven gave both rounds to Lauren because she was prettier. That’s not really helpful, but at least it was sweet-ish.

Taio Cruz performed. I love his voice, but the song reminded me of a Rihianna song. It also seemed like Taio forget some of the lyrics. That’s embarrassing. The song was called “Positive.” I’m positive I’ve already forgotten it.

Next, the third round for Scotty and Alaina were the songs that the artists would release as their first singles if they won.

Scotty McCreery “I Love You This Big” – He sang this ballad as the crowds’ hands swayed. You can probably tell that I’m not his biggest fan, but I really felt like he was off key. His first two songs sounded better. But the judges liked his range.

Lauren Alaina “Like My Mother Does” – Another ballad. The song was about loving your Mom. Lauren was singing far too softly as the song started. I’ll admit that the lyrics made me feel a little teary. Lauren’s voice broke at one point. Ryan helped her walk down the stage to embrace her Mother, and that was sweet.

I think guys will want to vote for Scotty because they want to sing along to his songs, and girls will want to vote for Lauren so they can sing along to her songs. What do you think?

Jennifer Lopez noted that with that song, Lauren may have just won the tight race. Steven Tyler also said the first time he saw her she was his American Idol. It looks like two of the judges have already cast their votes! Randy also said round three went to Lauren. What do you think about that?

To end the show, David Cook performed his version of “Don’t You Forget About Me.” …I’d actually totally forgotten about David Cook, or that he was the winner (not Adam Lambert.) Guess that shows how much it matters about who really wins. The popularity contest doesn’t stop after the show ends. So guys, don’t fret if your favorite doesn’t win tomorrow night on American Idol 2011. They still might come out on top.