It was Carole King night on American Idol 2011. Singing a classic that Gilmore Girls fans know like the back of their iphones, Lauren Alaina took on the classic, “Where You Lead.”

While preparing her song, Alaina had a special guest in the form of Miley Cyrus. “I love hearing another accent like mine,” Cyrus said with a smile.

What did the judges think? They brought Alaina to tears!

Steven Tyler –  “I saw you shine tonight when your voice broke…and you manifested light. When those people with talent manifest their light they sometimes can become a dart board for other peoples fears, doubts, and insecurities. Don’t let it in there.”

Jennifer Lopez –  “I’m so proud of you right now. It brings tears to my eyes. I felt you pushing, and those barriers are hard to break for performers.” Then she said, “And I heard your voice crack a little bit, and I felt proud. I felt ‘she’s pushing, she’s pushing.’ And that’s what you need to do.”

Randy Jackson –  He thought she came out with a little swagger. He didn’t love the song for her, and felt it safe and boring. But he loved that she went up with a vengeance.

Like Randy, I wasn’t a huge fan of the song choice for her…although I didn’t hate it enough to complain more than this. I feel like Steven was beautifully eloquent when he talked to Lauren.

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