Laura Prepon has been cast as Chelsea Handler in Handler’s new NBC show, Are You There, Chelsea? Naturally, Prepon went on Chelsea Lately to talk with her muse/costar about their unique situation.

On the show, Handler plays her actual mormon sister, which she says is an “uptight, total bitch” character. And Prepon plays Handler. Of this, Handler asked, “How do you like playing a floozy alcoholic?”

But if you feel a bit mixed up, you’re not alone. Prepon said, “People are really confused about it.” The question people have is why isn’t Handler playing herself on the show? The answer is actually very simple. The show is based on books that Handler wrote about herself when she was younger, so it made no sense to play herself. She also joked that she didn’t want to spend more time being herself.

Prepon and Handler seem to have good chemistry and trust. As a similarity, they both say they’re from weird families. Prepon said, “Mine’s just a little strange. …My cousin thinks he’s a warlock. …He makes his own leather clothing.”

As for the show, look for Prepon’s character of Chelsea to be making out with a different character every week. And maybe not just men. “I spooned a dog – but don’t make it weird. It’s NBC.” Handler added, “There was no peanut butter.”

Are You There, Chelsea? airs Wednesday on NBC at 8:30 pm EST.